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United Overseas Bank Limited (commonly known as UOB) is a Singaporean multinational banking organisation headquartered in Singapore, with branches mostly found in most Southeast Asian countries. Founded in 1935 as United Chinese Bank (UCB) by Sarawak busi Rated 0 based on 0 reviews.

Giới thiệu

United Overseas Bank Limited (commonly known as UOB) is a Singaporean multinational banking organisation headquartered in Singapore, with branches mostly found in most Southeast Asian countries. Founded in 1935 as United Chinese Bank (UCB) by Sarawak businessman Wee Kheng Chiang, the bank was set up together with a group of Chinese-born businessmen. The bank is the third largest bank in South East Asia by total assets.

Today, the UOB Group has a network of more than 500 offices in 19 countries and territories in Asia Pacific, Western Europe and North America.

UOB's Values

  •  Honourable: UOB act prudently to fuel their customers’ success. UOB maintain the highest professional and moral standards in all their dealings – with their customers and with each other.
  • Enterprising: UOB built with an enterprising spirit. UOB demonstrate this today through thought leadership, keen insight and a forward-looking mindset.
  • United: UOB work as a team. Every one of them is united to reach individual and corporate goals through cooperation, mutual respect and loyalty.

Benefits @ United Overseas Bank Limited

  • Health & Wellness: Access a range of resources to stay fit and healthy as you build your life and career. UOB offer a comprehensive range of coverage and exclusive privileges to take care of your fitness, health screening and outpatient/inpatient treatment needs.
  • Leave: UOB offer a wide variety of leave schemes to help you make time for people and events that matter to you. Their leave schemes are designed to give you greater flexibility in managing different priorities. Some are designed to help you spend more time with your family, while others provide you the opportunity to pursue your personal aspirations. You will find what you need to be in control of your life and career.
  • Insurance: UOB insurance plans can help you to ride out challenging times and unforeseen circumstances. As an employee, you are automatically enrolled in their Group insurance plans. These provide you with term life coverage for death and total permanent disability, as well as personal accident coverage. In this way, you and your family are assured of a greater level of financial security, beyond your own insurance plans, should the unexpected happen.
  • Banking: Enjoy banking privileges designed to support your life goals. You can access exclusive employee banking privileges to plan your life and finances. These include staff housing loans for property purchases, unsecured staff loans for renovation or further study and staff vehicle loans. You are also eligible for preferential rates and fee waivers for a wide range of savings and investment products and services.
  • Flexi-work arrangements: Access a variety of flexible work arrangements to manage your work and life with greater ease. UOB flexi-work arrangements are designed to provide you with better work-life harmony. With these in place, you will have more control of how you fulfil a combination of career, personal and family needs.

Văn hóa con người

Life at UOB

OUB culture is welcoming, warm and friendly and it is one where you will feel like part of a family. There is a camaraderie among them and a strong sense of purpose and belonging. They work towards the common goal of being our best every day, as individuals, professionals and members of a larger community.

OUB history spans more than 80 years. Over this time, they have been guided by their values — Honourable, Enterprising, United and Committed. This means they always strive to do what is right, build for the future, work as one team and pursue long-term success. It is how we work, consistently, be it towards the company, their colleagues or their customers.

OUB believe people are their greatest asset. They seek to bring out the best in everyone through a wide range of employee programmes. These include programmes that develop professional skills, entrepreneurship, personal wellness and a community spirit. They also focus on helping people with special needs to be their best through inclusive employment initiatives that tailor career opportunities to their strengths.

OUB encourage original thinking in every way, whether it is about breaking new ground in business or nurturing Asia’s future talent in the world of art. They conduct innovation workshops and employees hackathons to design commercially viable solutions for real-life banking challenges. They also leverage their strengths in business to drive UOB Heartbeat, their corporate social responsibility programme. This brings employees, customers and business partners together to raise funds through volunteer activity and to give back to the community. UOB plays an active role in communities across the region, most notably through their long-term support of art. Over the last four decades, they have championed art in Singapore and Southeast Asia through a wide range of visual arts programmes, partnerships, exhibitions and outreach initiatives. Among them is the UOB Painting of the Year, Singapore’s longest-running art competition and one of the most prestigious in Southeast Asia.

Career Development

At UOB, they are ready to help you explore your full potential at every stage of your career. You will find a wide range of learning and development programmes to help you grow and advance your career, whether you are a new hire or an existing employee. These include programmes designed to hone your functional and technical skills, communication skills and managerial skills. There are also various schemes in place to support you in pursuing further academic and professional qualifications.

  • Employee mobility: OUB encourage you to move between businesses or across countries to gain new experiences and competencies at different stages of your career. Exposure to the different facets of UOB will enhance your professional growth and your ability to assist them in developing integrated global solutions for their customers. OUB will support you in acquiring the skills you need to become a future leader with them.
  • Core competency development: OUB's SEED (Strategise, Engage, Execute and Develop) Competency Framework is designed to enable performance excellence. You will develop the skills needed to become a successful UOB leader through a series of SEED competency programmes.
  • Leadership development: Growing and maximising your potential is imperative to their long-term success. High-performing individuals identified to take on leadership roles will be selected for a series of comprehensive leadership programmes. These include on-the-job leadership development, as well as structured learning via the UOB Leadership Academy — a complete suite of programmes built to impart practical leadership skills and enhance strategic thinking.

Engaging Employees

At UOB, they believe their employees are one of their best assets in helping to meet the needs of the community. Employees either volunteer through activities organised by the Group or in beneficiaries’ current volunteer programmes. All activities are focused on supporting art, children and education.

  • UOB Heartbeat Run/Walk: The UOB Heartbeat Run/Walk is an annual employee volunteer programme that brings UOB employees and their family members together to raise funds for a good cause. The UOB Heartbeat Run/Walk was first held in 2007, where their employees participated in a fun run and walk event. Following the success of UOB Heartbeat Run/Walk, the event has been extended throughout the region to China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. To date, UOB Heartbeat Run/Walk has raised more than S$5 million for their beneficiaries.
  • Empowering the communities through skills-sharing: Besides fundraising, their employees are encouraged to be directly involved in volunteer programmes which are independently managed by their beneficiaries. By tutoring children, serving as assistants to art instructors or teaching life-skills, they lend vital support to these volunteer programmes.
  • Employee-initiated volunteer projects: The UOB Heartbeat supports volunteer projects initiated by UOB employees. By facilitating and guiding employees in organising their volunteer projects, they help employees to develop skills and knowledge as well as support a worthy cause. Examples of past employee-initiated volunteer projects include charity auctions, pony-riding, kite-flying, and outings to Sentosa’s Underwater World and Pasir Ris Park.
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