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Suite 909, Floor 9, Corner Stone Building 16 Phan Chu Trinh Street, Hoan Kiem District Hanoi, Vietnam
Maybank is a leading Malaysian provider of comprehensive financial services. As the largest bank and financial corporation in Malaysia that has a long history of foundation and a wealth of experience, from domestic branches, Maybank soon expanded its busi Rated 0 based on 0 reviews.

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Maybank is a leading Malaysian provider of comprehensive financial services. As the largest bank and financial corporation in Malaysia that has a long history of foundation and a wealth of experience, from domestic branches, Maybank soon expanded its business to other countries in the world such as Singapore, Vietnam, England, and America…

A 20% owned associate company of Maybank. It is one of the leading banks in Pakistan with total assets of over Rs.500 billion, a customer base of over 4 million and a nationwide network of over 1,000 branches and over 450 ATMs. MCB Bank was the recipient of The Strongest Bank award for 2010 by Asian Banker for being Pakistan’s best-performing financial institution.

Maybank continues to be one of the more active corporate citizens in Asia. In addition to our financial contribution, 40,761 Maybank volunteers contributed their expertise and 242,514 hours to various valuable community causes in 2015. We have set targets for all areas of sustainability and monitor our progress annually.

Maybank Hanoi began full commercial banking services in Vietnam in October 1995. In March 1996, it expanded its coverage by opening a representative office in Ho Chi Minh City. In April 2005, Maybank obtained a second license from the State Bank of Vietnam to upgrade the representative office to a full service branch. The new branch at Ho Chi Minh City commenced operations in October 2005.

In March 2008, Maybank went into a strategic partnership with An Binh Commercial Joint Stock Bank (ABBANK). Established in Ho Chi Minh City on May 13 1993, ABBANK has an extensive network of 139 transaction offices located in 29 provinces in Vietnam. In recent years, ABBANK has enhanced co-operation with Vietnamese and international partners like Agribank, Prudential Vietnam, Deutsche Bank, EVN SPC, Prevoir VN, Postal Corporation of Vietnam (VNPost) and Telecom Corporation Viettel.

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The success of their business depends on inspired engaged people - Maybank employees having a profound sense of belonging and connection to the workplace and its success. Through a wide variety of programmes Maybank foster diversity, teamwork, personal development and leadership, ensuring that employees are fully engaged and invested both in their own growth and that of the Group.

Maybank have come a long way in their human capital strategic transformation process and their investments in nurturing, supporting, and connecting their diverse workforce are starting to show. In order for them to turn strategy into results through their people, Maybank are focusing on restheirces and talent across borders, wherever their offices are, as they build the workforce of the future - one that is agile, diverse, and collaborative

Employee Engagement Platforms: Maybank people are the key drivers in achieving their mission to humanise financial services. Engagement means employees know what their business is trying to achieve, they understand their role in that effort and feel motivated to play a part in the company’s success. It means employees are not only satisfied with their jobs, but also willing to go above and beyond their job specifications.

Talent and Leadership: Maybank Talent Management strategy helps them find the right talent and ensure that their people excel both personally and professionally. Executing a robust talent strategy enables them to harness the intellectual capital in their diverse workforce.

Learning and Development: Maybank learning and development initiatives ensure that their employees have the appropriate skills and knowledge to fulfil their strategic and operational objectives. Maybank use innovative learning platforms to reinforce the culture of learning in the organisation as well as for staff’s professional and personal growth. Maybank Career Transition Programme provides an opportunity for Maybankers to take up new roles and responsibilities within the Group.

Diverse and Inclusive Workplace : Inclusivity is embedded in their culture: Maybank value and respect diversity and differences. Maybank believe that diversity in workplace is essential for their future growth and recognise the value in working with people from different backgrounds. Maybank have put in place concrete measures to accelerate their gender diversity and have exceeded global benchmarks. One of their strategic aims is to focus on driving greater diversity in the leadership.

Maybank is a family-friendly employer: they have a range of support mechanisms for employees with families, including an emergency child care centre, Maybank Tiger Cubs Childcare Centre at Menara Maybank.

Safety, Health and Well-being: Creating a safe and conducive working environment has always been their top priority. Maybank take pride in their award-winning occupational health and safety policy. Maybank enctheirage staff to participate in sports and health programmes in order to promote a healthy lifestyle. their approach to healthy lifestyle is reflected through various health events organised especially in Malaysia.

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