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Lot F2-2 and F3-1, Road 13, Thuan Dao Industrial Park’s expansion phase, Can Duoc, Long An
For OECHSLER, sustainability means far more than the careful and responsible use of natural resources. Sustainable thinking and acting extends also and primarily to employees. A respectful, supportive and appreciative approach is a central component of co Rated 1.5 based on 7 reviews.

Giới thiệu

The history of OECHSLER is an eventful one. Founded in 1864 by namesake Matthias Oechsler, the company has over a period of more than 150 years developed into one of the leading international suppliers of plastics technology. With locations in Europe, Asia and America, they are close to customers. With the help of some 3,100 highly motivated employees Oechsler manufacture products that make life easier, safer and more comfortable.

With competence and a keen sense for developments, turnover has grown continuously over the years and has reached some 430 million euros in 2018. Company intend to continue this success story by opening up new business areas and further expanding existing ones through innovations.

OECHSLER Motion Long An (Vietnam)

OECHSLER Motion in Long An, Vietnam, is one of newest production facilities. Founded in 2017, employees currently work here on 7,200 m². The modern building in Thuan Dao Industrial Park is a place where tomorrow’s sports shoe components are manufactured. Every year, millions of highly innovative shoe soles are created here for partner adidas.


From button maker to technology leader. OECHSLER – that means innovation by tradition for tomorrow’s solutions.


They are development partners and manufacturers for customers. Processes are subject to the strictest requirements. With the ability to produce sports shoes fully automatically, company have succeeded in revolutionizing a segment of the sporting goods industry. In recent years, the number of products sold under the OECHSLER brand has also grown enormously.


Seeking challenges and paving the way for innovation has always been philosophy. Oechsler thus match employees’ striving for creativity. Company encourage them to deal with change and to realize that errors are part of the growth process. Coupled with discipline, this approach helps them excel in terms of technology and performance – by transforming ideas into high-quality solutions.


When it comes to technology, they are always ahead. Efficient communication and flat hierarchy make for quick decisions. This allows them to bring new technologies to market in the shortest possible time and to react to changes.Company thus offer customers a decisive time advantage. High flexibility in dealing with customer enquiries goes hand in hand with hands-on mentality. This makes us a reliable team player with a feel for the needs of customers.


OECHSLER have offices in all major regions of the world. They are connected to each other and to headquarters in Ansbach. The worldwide locations are strategically selected so that are always close to customers. This provides cost efficiency and the best possible on-site support.

Why join OECHSLER?

The motivation and satisfaction of employees has top priority – they drive company. In addition to attractive general conditions and appealing remuneration, they offer a wide range of initiatives for professional and personal development.

Attractive General Conditions

OECHSLER rewards good performance: Company offer attractive remuneration systems, thus creating the basis for further improvement of products, processes and quality of results. At the same time this strengthens the ability to work in a team and a sense of responsibility.

Human Resources Development

At OECHSLER, respectful, supportive and appreciative interaction is a central component of cooperation. This creates an atmosphere of trust and security that paves the way for success. It is important to them to further develop professional and personal qualifications in order to fill long-term jobs with competent staff from own ranks. Company see lifelong learning as an opportunity and offer employees a wide range of further education and training measures, including:

  • Vocational training
  • Professional and personal training programs
  • Funding programmes
  • Training in moderation and working techniques
  • Language training and language travel abroad
  • Management training

Văn hóa con người


For OECHSLER, sustainability means far more than the careful and responsible use of natural resources. Sustainable thinking and acting extends also and primarily to employees. A respectful, supportive and appreciative approach is a central component of cooperation. This creates an atmosphere of trust and security that paves the way for success.


  • Openness: Diversity in terms of gender, generation, internationality, religion and culture
  • Health: Measures to protect against hazards, Comprehensive company medical care, Ergonomic workplaces
  • Occupational health and safety: Continuous improvement of occupational safety, Courses, further education and training in the field of occupational health and safety
  • Further education: Promotion of vocational education and training
  • Inclusion of employees: Participation of employees welcome, Appreciation of each and every member of the workforce, Information events on the current developments of the company


  • Environmental protection: Responsible use of all resources, Environmentally friendly production methods, Use of environmentally friendly materials and technologies, Continuous increase in energy efficiency, Training and continuing education on the subject of environmental protection for employees, Self-monitoring of the environmental targets set, Cooperation with service providers who meet similar environmental standards
  • Reduction of emissions by producing environmentally friendly products (plastic-metal-systems, electric or cargobike drives, products for autonomous driving, quiet and efficient drives,...)

Quality Principles

  • Highest quality standards: Continuous improvement of quality standards in order to challenge oneself, Quality is the responsibility of each employee
  • Zero defect strategy: Fully focused on quality, Error avoidance always has priority over troubleshooting
  • Striving for improvement: Continuous efforts to further improve products and processes
  • Customer satisfaction: Today’s quality brings tomorrow’s customers

Values & Culture

Room for action

The OECHSLER corporate culture is a culture of learning and promoting. Company actively support employees in their personal and professional development, because they are the indispensable engine of the company. Each person has the opportunity to play an active role in the company.

It is important to convey the feeling that one is respected and taken seriously. This positivity impacts the whole team. This enables them to maintain the pleasant working atmosphere of which they at OECHSLER are very proud of.

Pioneering spirit

The OECHSLER pioneering spirit has been unbroken since the company was founded in 1864. As a provider of plastic-based solutions, company strive to distinguish themselves from the competition through unparalleled quality and innovation.

This includes not only the continuous optimization of processes and openness to innovation, but also close cooperation with customers. Company always keep curiosity for more in mind. Only in this way can OECHSLER solve new tasks with confidence – and grow with them.

Promoting success

OECHSLER pursues a simple strategy in dealing with its employees: Only those who give get something back. This process begins at the very top. All managers are aware of their responsibilities and work continuously to improve their qualifications and skills so that these can be passed on to the team. This process has a positive impact on the company’s overall performance. They ensure that the work of each individual is supported, promoted and rewarded.

Fair Play

Trust is the cornerstone OECHSLER builds upon. Company are committed to integrity, honesty and responsible conduct – guiding principles for daily business. They teach employees not only how to grow along with the company, but also how to deal with setbacks and to understand mistakes as opportunities. Company encourage them to take responsibility for their own actions and to assist those who need help. Everyone has the right to constructive feedback and recognition. This is what makes working at OECHSLER so special.


OECHSLER has some 3,100 employees worldwide. The management is responsible for each and every one of them. In order to perceive these as best possible, management team is present in all branches. This is how they succeed in anchoring corporate culture worldwide.

The group sees it as its duty to offer its employees a pleasant and respectful working environment:

Model Function

Employees need role models they can follow. The OECHSLER management team assumes this function on both a professional and a social level. This is the basis for a strong and reliable corporate culture in which each individual can fully exploit his or her potential and contribute to corporate success.

Opportunities for growth

Employees need space for their personal as well as professional development. The OECHSLER management promotes this growth by calling for individual responsibility and by making constructive contributions from employees heard. Management and staff work together to further expand OECHSLER’s innovative strength and leadership position.

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