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364 Cong Hoa Street, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
NashTech has been delivering Digital Advisory & Consulting, Software Solutions, BPO and Infrastructure services from its development centres in Vietnam since 2000. NashTech is the largest foreign business and second largest tech business in Vietnam. Rated 3.5 based on 14 reviews.

Giới thiệu

NashTech has been delivering Digital Advisory & Consulting, Software Solutions, BPO and Infrastructure services from its development centres in Vietnam since 2000. NashTech is the largest foreign business and second largest tech business in Vietnam.

Part of the Harvey Nash Group, established in 1988, NashTech's vision is to provide services that are highly cost effective, the lowest risk to our customers and delivered to the highest quality standard.

NashTech employs over 2,000 of Vietnam's best-trained specialists and works in over 45 countries globally.

People are extremely important to us and that’s why they have a clear vision: to make NashTech a great place to work in its sector. They pride ourselves on:

  • Professional and Flexible Working Environment
  • Great Teamwork
  • International Assignments

An ideal working environment, where the focus is on talents reaching their potential and having wide opportunities to learn and work on the very large scale projects, is how the young IT talents should start their careers. Rising to be one of Vietnam’s IT leading companies, NashTech – part of Harvey Nash Group plc is the dream workplace for Vietnamese young IT talents. NashTech, with 20 years of experience providing consulting and technology development services, cloud services, developing digital platforms, analysis and integrating systems to the world’s leading businesses, is powered by over 1,600 talented engineers and specialists to do global projects for “big” clients, such as Google, Ford and Nestle.

NashTech aims to build an international working environment with its employees coming from different parts of the world and promote its talent development policies. Gaining practical learning experience is the outstanding point that NashTech offers for their employees. The policy strongly focuses on the development of employees’ talents making NashTech one of the most desirable workplaces for the young IT talents. Thus, NashTech is probably a “gold” beginning for any engineers or IT talents who aim to build their professional careers. Along with optimising employees’ potentials, NashTech always encourages its employees to make their first steps on a challenging, exciting and full of opportunities career path.

Being a man’s world is what come to people’s mind whenever they hear of IT employees; however, NashTech, proves this is far from the truth. The policies of fairness and equal talent development bring the special favors to NashTech’s female employees.

Women are empowered to enhance their abilities as to do their favorite job at NashTech. It is rare to see a woman who gets herself in the IT industry because women tend to play a minor part, or to be assumed as those who are not able to hold the leadership position. However, NashTech has proved this idea to be completely wrong.

Văn hóa con người

NashTech is a part of Harvey Nash Group plc, and is ranked 14th among Vietnam’s best workplaces. NashTech provides consulting and application development services, cloud services, develop digital platforms, analysis and system integration to some of the world’s leading businesses. The software products made by NashTech are developed and tested in two hi-tech centers in Vietnam, with over 1600 employees before being delivered to clients. Having experience at NashTech will be certainly a big plus on your CV.

The coders working at NashTech are surrounded by the opportunities to participate in large global-scale projects for international clients from America, England, Australia, etc. At NashTech, programing is no longer a job where a computer is the only companion, but also challenges you to collaborate with other members, who are from different parts of the world. The group will have nothing in common, but the code lines and ideas. A lot of NashTech people from different parts of the world involved in the project creating street-based screen-technology for American presidential election. Thus, communication skills and teamwork are what you can obtain at NashTech, to become a “Global Coder”.

NashTech defines that a programmer’s duty is not to constantly sit, for eight hours a day, typing codes, but the true values creator is to make the world a better place. NashTech is home to talented coders coming from different parts of the world with diverse backgrounds and cultures. You will have the chance to learn different ways of thinking and working strategies while delivering projects with foreign colleagues. NashTech creates a global working environment, which helps the employees not only improve their skills, expertise and lifestyle, but also be a truly international coder.

“Programmers are not machines” - This is the message that the employers want to send to their coders, you can be an advanced computer user but you are absolutely not a machine. Thus, work-life balance is always the value that NashTech strongly focuses on. Travelling around, attending parties, or being a sports lover is something you can do when you are a member of NashTech.

Make your very first steps at NashTech with an open space office. No more worries about high-standing walls between you and your co-workers because in NashTech, you get to work in an open space office that is full of creativity. Specifically, labs that are equipped with world-class facilities, the pool that is as cool as the beach, and tennis table where you can release all of your stress are some of many things you get to enjoy here.

Great appreciation and high respect for true talents, enhancing logical thinking and creating an environment for staff to develop their capabilities with the large scale projects is what NashTech can offer future coders. These go along with a work life that fills you up with many outdoor activities and personal interests, such as football clubs, yoga clubs, health clubs or beauty meditation. They are all included to support the employees to become the innovative coders. Having flexible working hours - Offering employees flexible working hours, NashTech turns out to be a unique company that attracts Vietnamese coders. No more demands of staying at the office throughout your day, NashTech allows employees to be flexible with your time because NashTech believe that IT professionals are not the followers, but the technology creators.

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