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The Women’s Network accelerates the advancement of over 100,000 women at GE, cultivating their leadership skills, business practices, contacts and career opportunities. By sharing individual experiences, information and exposure, the Network helps attract Rated 0 based on 0 reviews.

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GE (NYSE: GE) is the world’s Digital Industrial Company, transforming industry with software-defined machines and solutions that are connected, responsive and predictive. GE is organized around a global exchange of knowledge, the “GE Store,” through which each business shares and accesses the same technology, markets, structure and intellect. With people, services, technology and scale, GE delivers better outcomes for customers by speaking the language of industry.

GE in Vietnam

GE was one of the first American companies established in Vietnam in 1993, even before the U.S. embargo was lifted. GE first set up a representative office in Hanoi that year, and another subsequently in Ho Chi Minh City in 2001, working in partnership with local organizations. In 2003, GE established GE Vietnam Ltd., a 100% GE capital investment that offers a wide range of after-sales services for medical, electrical and energy equipment.

GE Vietnam currently employs more than 2000 people and offers products and services in Oil & Gas, Power, Renewable Energy, Energy Connections, Healthcare and Aviation sectors. In 2015, GE Vietnamwe have begun the alliance that brings Alstom Power and Grid into the GE family. In May 2016, GE acquired the Heat Recovery Steam Generator business of Doosan Engineering and Construction in Dung Quat, Quang Ngai.

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Women Network

The Women’s Network accelerates the advancement of over 100,000 women at GE, cultivating their leadership skills, business practices, contacts and career opportunities. By sharing individual experiences, information and exposure, the Network helps attract, grow, and retain female talent throughout GE, as well as develop the leadership skills and career-advancement opportunities needed to drive success.

The mission of the Network is to:

  • Enhance women’s professional growth by providing information on career paths, building connections, and through small group mentoring
  • Develop new and existing commercial talent
  • Foster the retention and promotion of women in technology and engineering
  • Improve GE’s ability to attract, develop and retain diverse women
  • Cultivate the leadership competencies that reflect GE’s focus on growth.

In Vietnam, the Network is an active participant in the affairs of the community. GE Women’s Network and GE Volunteers Hanoi brought the “Comfort 4 Kids” program, one of the company-wide efforts to reach out to pediatric patients, at the Hope Charity Class at Vietnam National Hospital of Pediatric in January 2013 in Hanoi.

Every day at GE Vietnam is a new opportunity to collaborate with the best minds in the country and to develop solutions that make difference to millions of people. GE invest in people, supporting and instilling leadership, innovation, growth and unyielding integrity.

Leadership Programs

Globally, GE invests 1 billion US$ each year on training and education, reflecting its commitment to leadership preparation. The results are reflected in the increased capabilities of its employees, and the value and opportunities generated for customers and their communities. Corporate entry-level leadership programs offer college graduates prized development opportunities combining real-world experience with classroom study, while experienced professionals accelerating their careers benefit from experienced leadership programs. The Company offers programs in areas including engineering, finance, human resources, sales & marketing and communications.

GE have various leadership programs in Vietnam including the Commercial Leadership Program, Financial Management Program, Graduate Engineering Management Program and Operations Management Leadership Program.

University Relations

The GE Foundation initiated an annual Scholar-Leaders Scholarship Program providing substantial financial assistance and development opportunities to outstanding first-year students at top-notch Vietnamese universities. In addition to a total financial support of USD 3,600 (USD 1,200 per year) for the remainder of their studies up to a maximum of three years, assuming continued satisfactory academic performance. Grantees will be instructed by professional leaders of their fields who will help them identify personal and professional skills that are vital to academic advancement and provide opportunities for their development and learning.

GE is also one of the two US companies participating in the Vietnam-US Education Task Force, which is a body charged with producing a set of recommendations for both governments by January 2009 on ways to strengthen U.S. Vietnamese higher education cooperation, in three key principal areas including: encouraging more and deeper linkages and joint programs between American and Vietnamese universities; increasing the number of Vietnamese studying at American universities and colleges—especially Ph.D. Students—; and promoting educational programs designed to help Vietnamese students acquire the skills needed in Vietnam’s modernizing economy. The initial action is to connect the Duke University of US with top Vietnamese universities, such as Hanoi University of Technology, Ho Chi Minh National University.

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