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Maharatna ONGC is the largest producer of crude oil and natural gas in India, contributing around 70 per cent of Indian domestic production. The crude oil is the raw material used by downstream companies like IOC, BPCL, HPCL to produce petroleum products Rated 0 based on 0 reviews.

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Maharatna ONGC is the largest producer of crude oil and natural gas in India, contributing around 70 per cent of Indian domestic production. The crude oil is the raw material used by downstream companies like IOC, BPCL, HPCL to produce petroleum products like Petrol, Diesel, Kerosene, Naphtha, Cooking Gas-LPG.

ONGC is India’s Top Energy Company and ranks 17th among global energy majors (Platts). It is the only Indian company to figure in Fortune’s ‘Most Admired Energy Companies’ list. ONGC ranks 17th in ‘Oil and Gas operations’ and 220th overall in Forbes Global 2000. Acclaimed for its Corporate Governance practices, Transparency International has ranked ONGC 26th among the biggest publicly traded global giants. It is most valued public enterprise in India, and one of the highest profit-making and dividend-paying.

ONGC has a unique distinction of being a company with in-house service capabilities in all areas of Exploration and Production of oil & gas and related oil-field services. Winner of the Best Employer award, a dedicated team of over 33,500 professionals toil round the clock in challenging locations.

Endless challenges and rewards. Opportunities on seven continents. A team of colleagues fuelled by collaboration. All this, and a company deeply committed to integrity and sustainable growth.

A career for posterity, not just a job

Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited (ONGC) is a company with a global vision and noble mission. It offers a diverse and exciting approach to Human Resource Development which puts you on the driver's seat. Driving your development and growth means that you have the exclusive opportunity for a 360 Degree Learning from your peers and seniors through on-the-job experiences, which offers best-in-class professional freedom. With a manpower of over 33,500 energy-soldiers (a term coined for ONGCians by Hon’ble Prime Minister) dedicated to the common cause of Energy Security of India, it can boast of having experts in the entire E&P business chain.

Apart from a conducive atmosphere for growth, the company offers a remuneration package that compares with the best in the Indian Industry in Cost-to-Company terms. It includes Basic pay, Variable Dearness Allowance, 47% of Basic pay as Cafeteria Allowance, House Rent Allowance, Conveyance Maintenance Reimbursement, Contributory Provident Fund unparalleled medical facilities for self and dependents, Gratuity, Self-Contributory Post-Retirement Scheme, Composite Social Security Scheme and soft loans, apart from a loaded Performance-Related-Pay.

True to the ONGC Brand, institution values commitment, dedication, integrity and sincerity. Right from the early stages, employees are expected to leverage the professional freedom. Freedom to work and respect for individual's opinion are the mantras that dominate day-to-day working of ONGC. Close working relationship with peers & seniors, collaborative & supportive working ecosystem and informal work culture are some of the facets of ONGC which makes it an exciting organization to work for.

Văn hóa con người

ONGC, over a period of time, has introduced several welfare schemes for its employees and their dependent family members in order to improve their quality of life, besides improving the morale and motivation of its employees. The following are some of the Welfare Schemes:

Medical Facility

All regular employees and their dependent family members are provided free medical facility through the dispensaries/hospitals of ONGC and through empanelled hospitals, which includes OPD as well as indoor treatment facility. Retired employees and their spouses as well as dependents of employees who die in harness are also provided free medical facility at par with regular employees.

Loans and Advances

In order to mitigate financial hardships for acquiring land / house, vehicle, etc. loan facility is available to employees. Employees are also eligible for Children Education Loan to enable their wards to pursue higher education both in India and abroad.

Housing Facilities

ONGC has established townships at most of its work centres. In addition, ONGC also takes houses on lease for its employees. Bachelor Accommodation is also provided to employees who are posted on bachelor status. The company also facilitates its employees to avail self- lease facility where adequate housing facilities do not exist.

Education Facilities

ONGC has established 24Project Schools at most of its work centres. Of these, 15 are Kendriya Vidyalayas. In addition, ONGC has also established 9 Shishu Vihar Schools for imparting pre-school and Kindergarten level education. These schools are being managed by the ONGC Officers’ Mahila Samiti at the work centres.

Working and Living Conditions


ONGC is constructing its upcoming offices at Delhi, Dehradun. Mumbai and Kolkata, as ‘Green Buildings’. The Green Buildings at Dehradun and Mumbai were inaugurated in 2013 and 2014 respectively. In other work centres also, systemic improvements in office accommodation and facilities is undertaken.

Residential Complexes

Renovation of existing colonies/guest houses is being done at many work centres to make the facilities more in sync with present day requirements. In addition, energy supply through alternate sources of energy such as wind energy and solar panels have also been introduced in some of the townships. Water Harvesting has been institutionalized in all ONGC residential colonies.

Resident Welfare Associations

Resident Welfare Associations have been set up at various residential townships of the company at work centres for ensuring better customer satisfaction among residents by way of speedy Redressal of complaints, organizing socio-cultural activities and other welfare initiatives for the residents.

Employee Welfare Committees

Employee Welfare Committees have been set up in all work centres of the company for promoting and organizing sports, games, literary and cultural activities among employees and their family members.

Work-Life Balance Avenues

Opportunities to participate in social, cultural, sports and adventure events in Townships, Officers’ Club, MahilaSamitis, Community Centres, through Active RWAs , Beyond Office Activities, Territorial Army, Tie Ups with Prestigious Social Clubs, ONGC Himalayan Association, ONGC Rifle Club and CSR activities.

Training Program on Work Life Balance for working employees: Programs on stress management are being regularly organized through reputed institutes like (Swami Vivekananda Yoga AnusandhanaSanstha) SVYAS, BANGALORE wherein executives are trained in handling stress at physical mental and emotional intellectual levels.

A women friendly workplace

ONGC prides itself as an equal opportunities employer. The country’s top Maharatna provides one of the most women-friendly workplaces, with progressive and empowering policies to enable both women and men to excel at work and achieve work-life balance. ONGC has won several awards and accolades for being a model employer for women, having gender inclusive policies. Women are entering the organization in significant numbers as ONGC provides the work culture and enabling environment where women are nurtured to grow in their career paths into managerial and leadership roles, and eventually into corporate board rooms.

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