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Baker McKenzie want individuals who can combine an impressive academic track record with excellent technical skills. But personal qualities are also important to them, so they're only interested in people who can bring clarity to complex situations, are c Rated 0 based on 0 reviews.

Giới thiệu

Baker McKenzie is the largest and most experienced international law firm in Vietnam - and consistently rated among the best. Baker McKenzie assist with the whole spectrum of corporate and commercial transactions, bringing the depth and breadth of close to two decades of market experience to every deal aspect.

Lawyers are fluent in English, Vietnamese, and the country’s laws, legal systems and business practices. They have helped facilitate meaningful legal reform and shape policy in the country by participating in the drafting process of laws related to securities, investment, intellectual property and competition, among others. Baker McKenzie draw on their in-depth local knowledge - coupled with far-reaching resources in 47 other countries - to create effective, innovative solutions tailored to clients’ business strategies.

Baker McKenzie boasts a strong team of lawyers with relevant expertise to assist clients on future plans and interests in Vietnam. Lawyers have a clear understanding of the complex legal and regulatory framework in Vietnam. Baker McKenzie have considerable expertise in major projects, project finance, environment and general investment matters, and have assisted both local and international clients on power, construction and infrastructure projects through the whole scope of activities from the initial stages of project planning to contracting with respect to investment in the project, and through the financing of the project and implementation of the investment.

Vietnam offices work on some of the most significant transactions in Southeast Asia, including advising leading Thai brewer Singha on its US$1.1 billion investment in Masan, and assisting the Ho Tram Project Company with financing the development of a luxury resort in the Ba Ria-Vung Tau province, a five-phase project valued at over US$4 billion.

With more than 20 years of experience in the local market, Baker McKenzie is the go-to firm for Vietnamese businesses, multinationals and financial institutions seeking domestic and cross-border advice in M&A, Corporate & Commercial, and Real Estate matters. Our strength is the ability to leverage on-the-ground presence in seven ASEAN economies to help clients succeed in one of the world's fastest-growing regions.

Văn hóa con người

Baker McKenzie want individuals who can combine an impressive academic track record with excellent technical skills. But personal qualities are also important to them, so they're only interested in people who can bring clarity to complex situations, are committed to excellence, and are good problem solvers. Baker McKenzie also want people who are comfortable working in diverse teams where friendship is valued.

Overseas relationships are the building blocks of their global business and Baker McKenzie will support your career aspirations by offering access to formal mobility programs where possible. These programs give you the chance to travel to other countries, engage with global clients, and develop your networks.

Most formal programs are designed for lawyers, but Baker McKenzie have many examples of Business Services employees who have carved out a career in multiple jurisdictions with the Firm.

Professional Development Programs

Baker McKenzie actively promote a culture of learning within the Firm, as employees are encouraged to expand their knowledge and expertise throughout their careers – this culture of learning is underpinned by comprehensive Development Framework.

World-class learning programs will help you develop as far and as fast as your talents and drive will take you, be it at entry, associate or partner level. Baker McKenzie have over 15 global milestone training programs, attended by over 400 lawyers each year, aimed at supporting you through your career.

Development Framework

Development Framework outlines the skills and personal qualities you need to be successful when working here. This framework informs how they recruit, develop and manage talent, with specific paths set for attorneys, business services roles and secretaries. It also gives you a comprehensive overview of what high performance looks like in the Firm. This living document offers a clear roadmap to success, and Baker McKenzie'll be there every step of the way to help you fulfil your potential. They have a deep understanding of the culture of business the world over and are able to bring the talent and experience needed to help you be successful. Harvard Business School has selected the framework as one of its best practice case studies on talent management.

Graduate Legal Studies

Every year Baker McKenzie provide a number of scholarships to associates for full-time graduate legal study outside their home jurisdictions, usually in a college or university near one of offices. These prestigious awards are open to individuals who have been with them for at least two years and the program of study must include the completion of a graduate law degree (LLM, MCL, or similar degree). Each scholarship is awarded for a minimum of 12 months of study.

Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity is central to their success. Baker McKenzie are at home anywhere in the world and they rely on their people to navigate cultures, borders and practices with ease. Global community is made up of many, creeds, colors, ethnicities, religions, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, people with disabilities, and other range of human differences. What really sets them apart is ability to leverage the different languages, cultures, generations and perspectives Baker McKenzie have to create a truly international law firm that places a real focus on diversity and inclusion.

Cultivating a diverse and inclusive workplace is top of agenda – Baker McKenzie have been named as The Most Innovative Lawyers in Diversity by the Financial Times, and understand that fostering a culture of respect and inclusion creates a dynamic and happy workforce. To ensure Baker McKenzie maintain a focused agenda, have a Global Diversity & Inclusion Committee comprised of members from all four of world regions that is chaired by a member of Executive Committee.

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